Why aren't your games available in my native language?

Long story short: We would LOVE to localize all of our games for all the different languages and cultures across the globe, but we’re a small game studio and we don't have the resources to do that.

Long story long: We get a lot of localization and translation requests from people all over the globe, so we know how much this means to our non-English-speaking fans. We want to deliver translated versions of our games, but ideally these versions wouldn’t just be translated – they would be fully localized. I mean, what good is a question about an American football team translated into German?

Because we’re a company that makes humorous party games and invests heavily in having a certain sense of humor, that means finding comedic writers who can skillfully create new content specific to each language and culture. We are still a small company and we are focused on making 5 new games each year, so we don't have the bandwidth to do that right now.

That being said, we are actively in discussions with potential partners to bring our games to new markets.

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    Komisch, dass früher andere Sprachen gingen . Das 5te große paket hintereinander und nicht ein einziges mal fur uns. Es ist einfach nur der hass heutzutage. Man merkt sehr deutlich , dass man uns absichtlich ausschliesst.

    Kein Geld dafür? Naja kein Wunder. Denn würde man der restlichen welt mehr entgegen kommen , dass andere länder das auch spielen können, hätte auch massig mehr einnamen, da es mehr leute kaufen würden

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