How to Stream our Games!

We appreciate how helpful streamers have been to the success of our games. We’ve taken your feedback and we’ve listened to your requests to make our games better (and safer) for streaming. As a result, each game we make strives to be even more streamer-friendly than the last. Click here to see our guide explaining all of the controls you'll be able to tweak for your stream.

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    I'm interested in purchasing the game Fibbage. Is it permanent? Can it be transferred from home to home with the same game system?      

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    Steve Pakal

    Hi Marie,

    Your purchase is permanently tied to your account and the platform your purchase on, games can be installed on different PC's/Consoles but you must be signed into the account that purchased the game. However, game license cannot be transferred between different platforms.

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    Elyse bush

    can I play the game with another player that is not in the same house and room as me

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