Frequently Asked Merchandise Questions

Q: I bought Jackbox Merchandise, but I want to cancel or change the order. What can I do?

A: We can refund any merchandise order for any reason – so long as that order has not already entered production. Just contact us at

As a reminder, if you’re looking for a refund for a Jackbox Game, we can’t issue refunds for games purchased through Apple’s App Store, Steam, or another marketplace we don’t own.


Q: How long does merchandise take to arrive once it’s been purchased?

A: Generally speaking, it will arrive within 2-3 weeks if you live in the US, and 3-4 weeks if you live in another country.


Q: I’m trying to buy something that I made in a game from a few days ago. How do I find that gallery again?

A: If you go to and look to the top-left corner, you should see a gear icon. If you click that gear icon, you’ll see a list of all your most recent Jackbox Games galleries. Note: you need to be using whichever browser you were using when you were playing the game.


Q: It’s been a long time since I ordered my merchandise – longer than 3 or 4 weeks! What do I do?

A: First make sure that your local post office isn’t holding your shipment for you because they tried to deliver it to you while you were away. If it isn’t waiting for you there, send us a message at


Q: I received somebody else’s shirt in place of my own.

A: Sorry about that! About 1% of the time, two orders will be swapped for one another. Send a picture of the shirt you got to and we’ll talk to our distributor and get a replacement sent out to you.

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