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No separate app is required to play,  simply open your web browser and connect to  (DO NOT USE JACKPAD)

Any device that has a web browser supporting web-sockets and HTML 5 may work as a controller for the game

Only one user can login per browser (per device)

Make sure to have cookies & JavaScript enabled on your browser (cookies will allow you to rejoin the game if you get disconnected)

Rooted or jail-broken devices are not guaranteed to work

Disable any ad/pop up blocking software (they don't always play nice with

Make sure that the following ports are set to open on your firewall and router 80, 443, 843, 38202, 38203

You can test the ports here

For tips on opening ports, reference this article. Choose your OS from the drop-down menu

PC Users - Disable any antivirus or security programs that may interfere (more info here)


*If you're having frame-rate issues while streaming from XSplit, right click on the source you added to your scene, and disable Special Optimizations

*If you're having frame-rate issues while Playing on PC. Go to Settings>Power & sleep>Additional power settings>Show additional plans and choose high performance 

*Users experiencing low FPS or FPS loss after upgrading to Windows 10 may resolve the issue by disabling the Xbox DVR feature.


 If you are having trouble connecting to the games, here are some tips that will solve most issues.

-Refresh the web page

-Force quit and close the game using your console controller/PC keyboard, then re-try

-Clear the cache/cookies/history from your web browser, then force quit and close your web browser (Only do this before a game has begun)

-Power down your console/PC and wait 1-2 minutes, then power back on and re-try

-Reboot your router


As always, you can submit a support ticket here for additional help


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    Brett Stockmeier

    Hey. Love your games, but there are some issues I've run up against in the past:

    • touchscreen keyboard obscuring what's going on in the game screen.
    • Devices falling asleep and then not resuming perfectly once phone is unlocked again. (Or also if someone just wants to check in w/ facebook in the middle of a game maybe)
    • Random other processes interrupting games running in the background of my computer.

    I don't suppose these issues have already been addressed by any chance? (I don't get a chance to play often) I realize not all of this is under your control, but (if not) maybe you could think about making guide for smoother play that includes tips like turning off the auto-sleep on devices or ways to make sure your game isn't interrupted by other programs? And then in your god show me how to do those things. Also, that phone keyboard obscuring the game thing is super annoying.

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    gail foreman

    jack must stop requiring google analytics. It will temain adblocked

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    It would be good to know WHICH ports need to be open incoming and outgoing. Playing Drawful with your colleagues at work, all sharing a WLAN connected to the Internet over a firewall, remains impossible unless admins unblock specific ports.

    They probably will never unblock port 80 incoming (and I don't think it's needed, is it, Jack?

    Plese provide more details..! Thanks!

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    Tim Brown

    We keep getting kicked off... as in the whole group of us while playing any game in any of the party packs.  You mention port configuration, but the problem is that while the game is running on a PC that is connected to our router, everyone else is using 4G to connect to via a mixture of Samsung and Apple phones. The game keeps running after we all simultaneously get kicked off.  

    It sounds to me like its time to upgrade and expand your servers to accommodate the extra traffic, especially during peak times like weekends and holidays. 

    Oh, and port 80 is a no-no for unblocking. 

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