User Generated Content

We're thrilled to allow our great fans the ability to create their own content for Drawful 2! Some guidelines are detailed below


  • You can report any offensive content by submitting the episode ID at
  • (NOTE: PlayStation 4 can only play episodes created on a PlayStation 4.  All other platforms can access all other custom episodes cross-platform)
  • Custom episodes created on PS4 can be played on all platfoms but any episodes created on a platform outside of PS4, cannot be played on PS4
  • Once an episode is published, it CANNOT be edited
  • Publishing an episode will save the content to our servers and generate an episode ID than can be shared
  • 100 (unpublished episodes) can be saved locally to your console/PC. Unpublished episodes CAN be edited
  • 50 prompts can be created per custom episode
  • Custom prompts are limited to 45 characters
  • Custom episode titles are limited 20 characters
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