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We appreciate how helpful streamers have been to the success of our games. We’ve taken your feedback and we’ve listened to your requests to make our games better (and safer) for streaming. As a result, Drawful 2 has the most streaming-friendly features of any of our games. 



Joining the game first makes you the VIP.  The VIP has added control over the game, including starting the game and censoring players.



If you turn on “Censoring” in the Settings menu, you’ll have the power to skip drawings you find offensive and censor players:  

-          Skipping: Skipping a drawing immediately takes that drawing out of the game and play continues on with the next drawing.   The player whose drawing was removed is still an active participant in the game and their future drawings will still appear.

-          Censoring: With a few clicks you can censor specific player-entered answers and remove them from display in the game. Censoring is permanent for that game: All answers from these trouble-making trolls will then be censored for the rest of the game.

Again, the only person who has this power is the VIP. Join first to be the VIP and you get to decide what’s over the line for you and your followers, no one else.


Twitch Login

If you turn on “Require Twitch” in the Settings menu, players are required to use their Twitch login to join a game. Enabling this eliminates anonymity.  You’ll know exactly who is who in the game (their player name in the game is their twitch name) and you can ban them from your channel if necessary.


Create Your Own Custom Content

Hit “make your own” in the main menu and you’ll be able to write your own prompts for a totally customizable episode. You can write an episode for your viewers to play, or they can write one for you to play. Or you can write an episode collaboratively together and play it immediately.  If you join first, as the VIP, you have more control over the submissions and can reject prompts you feel are inappropriate. Anyone can share episodes with a simple code you can tweet out or share in other ways. (NOTE: PlayStation 4 can only play episodes created on a PlayStation 4.  All other platforms can access all other custom episodes cross-platform)


*If you're having frame-rate issues while streaming from XSplit, right click on the source you added to your scene, and disable Special Optimizations


Plus, The Usual Great Jackbox Features for Streaming:

  • Audience Mode – Turn this on in the Settings and up to 10,000 players can play along and vote.
  • Extended Timers – Make the game timers longer to accommodate any streaming lag or delay.
  • As always… Play WITH Your Viewers – Any viewer, anywhere, can play Drawful 2 with you using their phone, tablet or computer.







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  • 1
    Retro Edge

    Cause you can't add a new thread, or how its called here, "article" i write it in this one.

    I remember from the first game that it was possible to write the same guess like an other player or even the right one. If it happen it was a very cool feeling to either guess it right or getting the same points if anyone really wrote the same thing.


    But in Drawful 2 if you write something similar to the right word or to something that someone else wrote. The game (on the phone) only says "Too close to the real one or someone elses one" and i can't send it.

    That's a step back in my opinion and i don't understand why that have changed. :/

    But, i still love that game, thank you so much. <3

  • 0
    Sophitia Montans

    We had the same issues! We dont understand why is like that now :/

  • 0
    Annie Cook

    I'm interested in creating a new game for a workshop to test the audience's knowledge after attending. I've read the section on making a new game, but am not sure where/how to create it. Can anyone help?  

  • 0
    Jackbox Games Support

    Hi Annie,

    See if tis link is helpful to you.

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