Drawful 2 has a robust set of options to suit everybody's needs and before any of you ask, we wont be adding an eraser...ever!


Family Friendly Filter- Toggle this setting on to omit the naughtiest content. Please keep in mind the game is still rated T and we can't control what other players submit!

Audience Mode -  Turn on to allow up to 10,000 non-players to join and affect the game.

Extended Timers -  Extends timers, recommended only for streamed games.

Require Twitch -  Forces players to log into their Twitch account, hold those trolls accountable!

Censoring -  When turned on, this setting allows the VIP to censor other players' avatars, answers and drawings.

Skip Drawings - The VIP can skip drawings that they find offensive or don't want to see.

Make Your Own -  Create your own custom prompts and episodes to play and share! (NOTE: PlayStation 4 can only play episodes created on a PlayStation 4. All other platforms can access all other custom episodes cross-platform)

Full Screen Mode - Applies to PC/Mac only 

Twitter Integration - Players can Tweet out GIFs of the drawings from their games!





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